Apparently Justice Scalia’s votes and opinions weren’t for sale the same way that Chief Justice Robert’s are. As the Court’s most reliable conservative vote he stood firmly between what the left and the elites have been pushing for and what the right wanted and the Constitution dictated. As you will recall it wasn’t long ago that Chief Justice Robert’s switched gears at the last minute and declared Obamacare Constitutional ….as a tax ..,then refused to take up the laws challenge, again from the right that said “OK…then if it’s a tax then…it must originate in the House and not the senate (where it did originate) because as a revenue creating law the Constitution explicitly requires it. The word back when this happened was that someone had gotten to Roberts and threatened his family and offered him a choice of finding the law Constitutional or find himself channeling JFK, RFK, MLK, Lincoln and General Patton and countless others. Remember that until a decision has been issued by the court none of the votes they have had will count.


So Obama and the unions who own parts of him and the elites who own the rest decided it was time for him to ‘be retired’ …to ‘be disappeared’…to be killed. Supporting this theory is one of the big cases that Scalia would be the 5th vote in deciding …specifically:


Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association: Perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of Scalia’s death are public sector unions. This case, which produced one of the more contentious oral arguments of the term, was headed towards a 5-4 decision in favor of Rebeka Friedrich s and the other plaintiffs who were challenging the California’s teachers’ union’s right to charge public school employees fees to cover the costs of the collective bargaining it did on their behalf, even though they aren’t members of the union. The case was teed up by conservative Justice Samuel Alito, and labor supporters feared a ruling against the union could devastate what’s left of labor’s power. To say that there are no tears being shed over Scalia’s early demise among the thugs and parasites of organized labor would be an understatement.

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Then on immigration the huge case heard by the Supreme’s was to weigh in on Obama’s power grab and over reach in the matter of:

US v Texas: Texas and nearly two dozen other states filed suit to block the implementation of President Barack Obama’s orders to the Department of Homeland Security to defer the deportation of about 5.5 million immigrants, especially children brought to the US illegally by their parents. In November, the ultra-conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, upholding a lower court decision, ruled that Obama had exceeded his authority to make such sweeping changes to the immigration system without an act of Congress. The globalists kill anyone who threatens their stranglehold on our government currency and economy ,,,their plan is to open up the borders between the US A and Mexico to the south and the USA and Canada to the north in order to dilute and ultimately kill American sovereignty.


Clinton Is Selling Uranium From Bundy and Hammond Ranches to Russians to Fund Presidential Campaign

By now everyone has probably heard about the standoff in Eastern Oregon by the Bundy Militia et al. which started as a protest over the over sentencing of the Hammond’s (5 Years on what was a total set up by the government) I have been trying to understand whats going on with all of the government land grabs starting with the why. You will never get the real story from the MSM propaganda spreading traitors who report what they are told to report with no consideration given to whether or not its true,
What I have found out saddens and disgusts me … Here are a couple of the bullet items along with some links that go into much more detail than I am here

First up is some background given to you by U.S. Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) who gives an emotional and heartfelt defense of the Hammonds which has caused me to change my mind about him…his heart and brain are in the right place …he just isn’t as effective as he should be for all of the years he has been in Washington

#1 – Both the Bundy Ranch standoff and the Hammond Ranch fiasco are not about burning or poaching or for any reason you have probably heard …it’s about the Gold but mostly the uranium that coincidentally exists under both ranches and should the Hammond’s end up going BK with the two family patriarchs in prison ,,, the BLM required the Hammond’s to sign an agreement giving them the first right of refusal to buy their ranch .. barf!



#2 – The company who is waiting in the wings for the government to clear the land of its owners is a company called Uranium One – the same Uranium One that is the wholly owned subsidiary of Rosatom …Russia’s state nuclear power company …the same company that used Hillary Clinton as an accessory by bribing her with contributions to the Clinton Foundation and by paying her 500k to go speak to them. What are the odds?

For even more on this topic …check out these blog posts by Jon Rappoport and co.


Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

Donations to the Clinton Foundation, and a Russian Uranium Takeover

And I also find this article from Business Insider:

The truth about the Hillary Clinton-Russia-Uranium ‘scandal’

These links should help vet what is claimed by Hodges below.

By all accounts, this appears to be part of a generational effort to acquire and use Uranium for various purposes. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is the agent through which these hidden powers act.

This story is also much more than just a dodgy campaign financing issue. It is literally a battle for freedom between the people and an oppressive government. If one were to take the time to gain a complete understanding of all the issues, they would have acquired personal knowledge of why the current government is illegitimate, and why a stand against it is required to ensure freedom and prosperity for future generations.